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Haven't seen it for a longtime.


May be I just want to be popular for some reason. I have no clue, sorry  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
Few weeks ago everything was turning out fine. Not only I can browse the gallery that is belong to me and other fellow deviants, but I can even browse featured collections and pictures that is related to deviation. Now for some unknown reason, even this deviation has over ten favorites, there are no signs of featured collection nor any deviant-related pictures in this page. Please bring there collection back. It helps us increase viewership, faves, and most importantly watchers.
Please  Sad Jasper - Emoticon Sad Cutecookies Mascot 



This user name High-on-Skittles send me and everyone a note that world is coming to an end and Jesus Christ himself will come to Earth and save everyone for an up-coming maga-disaster if you're Christian. I will not argue if there is a possibly that the world is ending because well you knowDonald trump fuck yeah , but come on seriously Jesus coming to Earth!? This is part of the reason I blocked him, so him will never contact me, especially with hypocritical ultra-right wing conspiracy nonsense and scams. Please make sure to block him so this nut job won't cause any trouble to you. 

What if John Kricfalusi became the head CEO of Cartoon Network?

What will be the impact for a network-studio if this were to happen? In case if you don't know whose John Kricfalusi, he's the creator of Ren & Stimpy Show. Here's the links below.

John Kricfalusi - Google Image 
-Hey guys came to let you know, I've decided to cancel my contest because of lack of contestants. I still need to get more people invested into the contest. :( (Sad) 
Hi guys, I am now hosting a contest where you are challenged to collaborate of my new deviation of Connie. (…)Connie Maheswaren Emote 6 . This fanart was inspired by StanfordBill (…) and i'm planning to submit our GFSU-Xover gallery, so I was just wondering if u add the colours and shades into it, while keeping the background white just like one that was inspired? That would be nice. 

Prizes for this contest includes 40 points for donations, lama badge, and to be promoted as my new Contributor (which will earn 20 points whenever I request to collaborate).

Mabel Eye Twitch Icon Dipper EWH Dipper Pines Crying Icon! GIF Steven Universe - Facepalm Steven Universe - Greg Icon 2 :-: 
Hey I'm deleting my polls from DeviantArt. It seems kind of useless since it can't let me add any of the Description, nor even allow me to show it to my group and watchers, just sits there in my profile. It's sucks. Angry Mabel 
Hey guys came to let you know I've just changed my profile image. I found this cool fanart of Bipper, since I realised that my profile need some extra good-looking, I decided to download and update this image. I hope you like it. 

Bipper Icon Bipper tumbling Bipper icon bipper is done If you don't exist Drinking soda like a person bipper is angry THIS THING'S DELUXE 
I'm planning to create Fullmetal Alchemist and Bioshock crossover by this summer. The image will take place where Edward Elic and Elizabeth Comstock standing right next to a tear of Ed's homeplace. Is going to look amazing when this; I presumedly you would like it.